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2022 Lecture Series of Chinese National Conditions & Culture ?


Huaxia has art, meets tradition – ancient style hair accessories experience class





In the long history of the development of the Chinese nation for 5,000 years, there have long been records of hairpins.

There is such an explanation in “Ci Hai”: hairpin, a long needle used by the ancients to insert a bun or crown in the hair, later specifically refers to the jewelry of women’s buns; There is a saying in the “History of the Funny Series”: “There is a fallen man in the front, and there is a remnant in the back”; Du Fu’s “Spring Hope” also has the ancient famous phrase “the white head scratches shorter, and the desire is invincible”.

Chinese ethnic minorities use hairpins to fix their hair and beautify their hair, and there are many types of hairpins, with a long history, with strong national characteristics, and rich cultural connotations. During the Tang and Song dynasties and subsequent generations, hairpins were popular. Many of the women in the Dunhuang murals of the Tang Dynasty are images full of flower hairpins, and many female figures with hairpins can also be found in the Tang Dynasty paintings.

In this hairpin handicraft experience class, students will follow the handicraft teacher to make their own unique hairpin.



Speaker introduction: Sleeve is the manager of the handmade Chinese style Hanfu shop in the Pavilio, ten years of experience in the design and production of ancient style jewelry, Ruoshui Xiu Han Culture Studio consultant, Weaving Star Pavilion Chinese Style Studio consultant, host of the Chinese Flower Dynasty Festival, special guest performer of Hanfu at the opening ceremony of the Song Garden, special guest performer of the opening ceremony of the Oujiang Landscape and Poetry Road Cultural Tourism Season.

時間:11月23日17:30-19:30 (請提前十分鐘到場)



Time: Novemeber 23th, 18:00-20:00(Please arrive ten minutes early).

Location: GEH C401

The capacity of activity: 20 (Please wear a mask)


Event Details

Date: 23rd 11月 2022 @ 下午5:30 - 下午7:30
Time: 下午5:30 - 下午7:30
Venue 教學樓C401
Organizer Name: 中國國情與文化教育中心