Brief introduction of office:

Office of Campus Planning and Construction (OCPC) is an office responsible for implementing the whole process of construction projects in the university. Based on the university’s strategic plan, OCPC draws up short-term, medium-term, long-term strategic plans and implement them by phases. Meanwhile, OCPC has the responsibility for controlling the quality, safety, schedule, and the construction cost during the period of project construction. Its objective is to build architectures with high quality and security, to ensure the normal operation of academic and research activities, to construct high-quality landscapes, and to improve the taste of the university, so as to build which as a high-quality campus featuring beautiful, comfortable, appropriate learning, and harmonious environment.

The responsibility of campus planing and construction department:

(1)Prepare for the construction planing of campus in near, meddle and long term.
(2)Establish the campus construction schedule (expansion, rebuilding, building plans) according to the strategy development planing and go through all examination and approval procedures.
(3)Responsible for the whole process of school construction project implementation.
(4)Responsible for coordinating the requirements and suggestions to campus construction from other department, and make the specific implementation plan .
(5)Responsible for managing the quality, safety, schedule and cost in the process of construction project.
(6)Responsible for the final completion acceptance of the project, and go through the formalities of final acceptance and records.
(7)Responsible for settling accounts work, and working out the financial final accounts, asset management of the completed construction.
(8)Responsible for making construction fund plan, and cooperating to do fund raising.
(9)Responsible for collecting, filing and transferring project archives.
(10)Coordinate to deal with the policy of land acquisition, supply and relocation.


  1. Strictly carry out all the regulatory requirements from government and conduct the communication and report.
  2. Carefully learn the requirements from the other offices of the university, carrying out design work rationally.
  3. Provide real and effective basic technical information to the architectural firms.
  4. Strictly follow the national regulations and technical standards to control the project quality and to save cost.
  5. Do the final acceptance of the as-built construction projects according to the established procedures and settle accounts for completed architectures.
  6. Contact with project constructing participants, to respond them by strictly following all kinds of contract terms within agreed period.