2019 Alumni Sharing

The first session of Alumni Sharing is opened on March 8. It is a great pleasure to invite the outstanding alumni, Mr. He Yitao, to share his valuable experience in abroad studying with WKU students. During the sharing session, Yitao mainly talked about his personal experience of studying abroad at the University of Chicago and his wonderful life experience. Combining with Yitao’s rich and wonderful experience, he also systematically interpreted various preparations of studying abroad, from macro-goal planning to standardized examinations. During the presentation, Yitao’s vivid and interesting narrative and practical content really attracted students who are planning to go abroad for further study. In addition, Yitao also shared a lot of enriching life besides daily study. Including the outstanding work of the Student Union at the University of Chicago, the participation and organization of the Chicago Regional Forum for Chinese Overseas Students, and the volunteer activities in Mexico, all of these presented Yitao’s brilliance of the Chicago Time. In addition, because Yitao will soon become the product marketing manager of Huawei in Shenzhen this year, he also shared some work related contents such as job interviews skills and procedures. After answering students’ questions on the spot, Yitao encouraged WKU students to strive for a better person and a better future.

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