K-News| AIESEC in WKU wins an international award

In December 2017, AIESEC Asia Pacific Leaders Summit was hosted in Penang, Malaysia. Sun Yi, a sophomore of finance major from WKY, on behalf of AIESEC in WKU, received and brought back the Asia-Pacific product growth excellence award?under overseas volunteer project department. Of all the colleges in China, only WKU won the prize.


AIESEC, short for International Association of Economics and?Business Students, the world’s largest nonprofit organization?led by young people, is committed to providing?young people with overseas volunteer programs?and overseas internship opportunities?by means of its global platforms, so as to develop future leaders with international vision and a sense of social responsibility.?At present, AIESEC has branches in 126 countries and more than 2,000 colleges and universities.

AIESEC in WKU won such a heavyweight international award within?two years?after its establishment, an achievement making Sun quite moved.

Since AIESEC showed its footprints in China in 2002, it has not built campus teams in more?than 70 colleges in China mainland. AIESEC in WKU, established in 2015, is no doubt one of the youngest teams. And over the past 2 years, it has sent nearly 150 volunteers to work in more than 20 nations in North and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe.


Students of WKU acted as volunteers for 6-8 weeks in foreign countries through AIESEC, where they worked with their global peers on urban culture communication, environmental protection, language education?and other social practice projects. Thanks to such in-depth experience, they have made global friends, broadened their global vision, and achieved self-growth.

“AIESEC in WKU is still young, so we have to progress through learning and exploration,”?said Sun. And what impressed her?most was a pre-meeting rehearsal they performed for a volunteer meeting, which took them 5 hours until 11 o’clock at night. The next day they did it again to make it perfect.

“So we I?saw the photos of our school’s teaching building on the screen for announcing the nominated, I?felt so excited that I?could only scream, “?said Sun. AIESEC in WKU is as young as WKU and is flourishing.


The winning of the prize offered greater impetus into AIESEC in WKU. Apart?from overseas volunteer project department, it has set up an overseas youth innovation internship department, aimed to offer overseas internship opportunities?for sophomores and above, so as to help the school’s students cultivate entrepreneurship and enhance their international competitiveness.